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@SonicDopeSeller – @SonicDopeSeller – God, Bless Ami – Gary

@SonicDopeSeller – @SonicDopeSeller – God, Bless Ami – Gary

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On this Monday morning.. as you set the tone for the week. Do not let your thoughts weigh heavy on you. Worrying about the future, thinking about “what ifs”, stressing, does not do anything to help you in the NOW. Be solid in a shaky world. #GodBlessAmi

This song was actually written when I was under stress. Stress that I placed on myself.. Stress that I let others place on me.. #GodBlessAmi

Physically and mentally no kind of stress is good and often times we don’t know we are stressed out until we are waking up with headaches, not eating, feeling heavy, and being fueled by negative confrontation.

Thoughts create energy, you don’t even have to speak on your thoughts and they can still be felt. However your thoughts do not make you who you are. They can shape you if given enough time. #GodBlessAmi

I can’t tell you “Stop Stressing” cus even as much as I know about stress sometimes I still am overwhelmed… I say “Don’t Put Your Stress On Me, I’m Grinding Got That Check On Me, No Matter How The World Wanna Do, God Blessing Me’

I’m a daddy now, nomore black n milds, Im black n proud
Even if you lookin like Shaq, hmm! Can’t back me down
I stand my ground and fight for crown
Fuck a turf, what yo worth is
Everyday you gotta what yo purpose

I can taste your food and tell that you ain’t got the recipe
Its a lot on my plate so please do not stress a G

It take time to make time so no I won’t waste mine
Even thru all the struggles I go thru I stay fine

Its somethings that you won’t understand unless you walkin in my shoes
Unfortunately for you my Air Max glued, huhh

Half the battle, black wit tattoos
Even if the world goin shake I won’t rattle

My body minds my spirit, I promise they all linked up
When we come together we are stronger then a brinks truck
I can get dat if I flip dope and sell hope
Even if my records don’t sell, I won’t sell soul…


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