@smashthahomie – $MASH, THA HOMIE – GIIIRLS – [Video] – Los Angeles – Markttrax

@smashthahomie – $MASH, THA HOMIE – GIIIRLS – [Video] – Los Angeles

@smashthahomie – $MASH, THA HOMIE – GIIIRLS – [Video] – Los Angeles

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GIIIRLS is the masterpiece of recording artist, producer, and songwriter $MASH, THA HOMIE. Following up from his recent self-produced project, Sink or Swim: Chapter I, he’s proud to present his latest single “GIIIRLS”. This new vibe takes fans back to the classic StarTrak feel mixed with today’s swag.
Drawing inspiration from the original track, Girls, Girls, Girls by JAY Z, “GIIIRLS” provides a smooth uptempo bounce as the bass sits in the pocket. $MASH’s wordplay meshes well with the soul sample to present a well-rounded listening experience for fans of true hip-hop. $MASH began producing music at the early age of 16 and shortly after he began writing rhymes which would progressively shape him into the recording artist he is today. Drawing inspiration from musical acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, Dr. Dre, Kanye West & Lil Wayne, $MASH certainly has an eclectic range of music. Giving the audience not only lyrical content but a dope beat to vibe to, $MASH is effortlessly a recording artist with his own style and vision. From owning his own brand (FAOL®), producing his own music, and editing his own artwork as well as directing his own music videos, $MASH is mainly known as “the guy who does it all,” and is ready to take on the world while creating classic projects along the way.

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