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@Meyekal_Coree – Meyekal Coree – Coree EP – Pembroke Pines

@Meyekal_Coree – Meyekal Coree – Coree EP – Pembroke Pines

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Blessed day to everyone at Daily Hip Hop Jamz,

Meyekal Coree is one of the few conscious hip hop artists coming out of South Florida in this day and age. Having been raised on reggae and dancehall music with some classic hip hop mixed in, Meyekal found an early love for word play and culturally profound lyricism. Noticeably portrayed within his released projects, he identifies as an artist with an initiative to speak truth and mindfulness through each of his tracks. Some of Meyekal’s influences include Damian Marley, Nas, DMX, Buju Banton, Lupe Fiasco, Method Man and P.O.D to name a few. You can find his first two releases, MC Ultra, and Coree on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Itunes, and Tidal today.

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