@ihate_Dame – Dame Daniels – Bounce Back – Atlanta – Markttrax

@ihate_Dame – Dame Daniels – Bounce Back – Atlanta

@ihate_Dame – Dame Daniels – Bounce Back – Atlanta

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Dame Daniels released his single titled “Bounce Back” and this song was a hard-hitter. “Bounce Back” had the energy right and was able to get you hyped. Each arrangement in the song was meant for the clubs. “Bounce Back” is the type of record that you can play at a local function or party and watch the energy in the room light up. What was super dope about “Bounce Back” was how it had this real raw west coast vibe to the production of the beat. Everything about “Bounce Back” was Cali to its fullest extent. Dame Daniels got his start as an entertainer performing around various clubs in Atlanta, this may be the reason why he has a good ear for what music will generate buzz well with the youth & people longing for a turn-up!

“Bounce Back” was a banging song that had a delivery that hits you like a wrecking ball. Dame Daniels moves you into different dimensions of the song with each transition being more slapping than the previous. Dame Daniels has an old-school flair and style to his rap flow which makes him even more of a stand-out artist in comparison to other rappers that’s out right now

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