@Hunnid_ccg – Hunnid – Gifted – [Video] – Chicago – Markttrax

@Hunnid_ccg – Hunnid – Gifted – [Video] – Chicago

@Hunnid_ccg – Hunnid – Gifted – [Video] – Chicago

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In the short amount of time since it’s release, “Gifted” has received great reaction already with 17K+ views (facebook + YouTube) and 8K+ streams.  In addition to this it’s already received great coverage – including posts by Hype of Life and Global Media Blog, stating the below after reviewing the track.

“The hype track puts Hunnid’s gifts on full display, with rapid-fire flows of street knowledge wrapped in holiday reference “(-Hype of Life <https://hypeofflife.com/hunnid-gifted-video/>)


“Hunnid raps masterfully over this production on ‘Gifted’ that sounds like something we would’ve been blessed with from the Heatmakers back in their early 2000’s crazy run”  (-Global Media Blog <https://www.globalmoneyworld.com/global-media-blog/hunnid-gifted>)

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