@valley_bxy – Cesar(czar) – Red Light EP – Johannesburg – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@valley_bxy – Cesar(czar) – Red Light EP – Johannesburg

@valley_bxy – Cesar(czar) – Red Light EP – Johannesburg

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About this Song:

Cesar(czar) also know as Valley Bxy is a 22 y/old producer singer and songwriter from Johannesburg. Releasing his first official project a year ago, the upcoming artist has been on a mission releasing 3 linking EP’s namely The Green Light, The Amber and finally The Red Light which had the streams flooding in on SoundCloud last year. With a familiar sounding aesthetic, listeners can expect to hear similarities between artists such as NAV, with a hint of Amir Obe, Travis Scott and J Molley.

His latest project is best described as an ominous rollercoaster that depicts the ongoing changes faced by the artist in pursuit of recognition and peace. The EP also features the talented duo MajorSteez (MTV base top 20 music video 2018) which is the song to look out for in the project.

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