@swillthewill – Swill the Will – HIATUS EP – Chicago

@swillthewill – Swill the Will – HIATUS EP – Chicago

About this Song:

“Hiatus is Chicagoan Swill the Will’s (aka Willie Main) premiere EP release, consisting of 3 full length songs – Xanadu, Whims, and Friend (Enemy). The project was entirely written and produced by Swill, and simply features vocals by a singer named Emily McGill on the final track. In this extremely personalized project, Swill shows his genre-bending versatility and his skill as a lyricist.

This EP tells a story of the growth and decay of a relationship. To Will, a ‘Hiatus’ represents a void -a void that people often fill with drugs, or by surrounding themselves with others. This EP explores the struggle to fill this void by other means; by taking a Hiatus to improve one’s self. Sometimes it’s essential to take a step back, to take a Hiatus from what you are used to, so that you can discover what matters the most to you.

Artist Location: Chicago, IL

Release Date: August 11, 2015”

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