@ – Smoove J. Charles – Healthy – [Video] – Seattle – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@ – Smoove J. Charles – Healthy – [Video] – Seattle

@ – Smoove J. Charles – Healthy – [Video] – Seattle

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Yoga pants and leggings
That’s all she be wearing
Everybody staring
She ain’t even caring
She just got a new pair in
The old one tearing
Organic food
She preparing, yeah
She love to do zoomba,
Yoga and pilates
Everybody want her body
She look like a Maserati

Work it out
She working out
Hips and thighs

Doing squats,
Leg lifts and lunges
Duck walk, cardio,
Sit ups and crunches
Mixed martial arts, tennis,
Anything physical
If we collide
I’m a leave her condition critical
Yeah. I love the way she wiggle
She working on her middle
Bout to turn it up a little

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