@ – Smoove J. Charles and R.O.B. – UMDK – [Video] – Seattle

@ – Smoove J. Charles and R.O.B. – UMDK – [Video] – Seattle

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They say pimpin is dead
But we still gettin bread
Yeah I’m still gettin fed
Layin up in my bed
I can’t hear a word u said
Betta get up, move your legs
Can’t bust a move, u scared?
We wiggle round instead

They say rappin is dead?
Nah, u niggas just lame
No flavor man, no seasoning, no dividends, no game
No way u can make it baby if u don’t obey
I can show the way we can go today, u just say “ok”

Fat sacks, fat stacks, fat plaques, cadillacs
Concentrated wax that fix catarax
And a big ass crib w/property tax
A land line so I can send a fax
Enough dough to make the floor collapse
3 live in maids just to rub my back
I can’t relax
I need alladat!

U Must Don’t Know

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