@sdarnellart – StevenDarnell – Cathedral – Montgomery – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@sdarnellart – StevenDarnell – Cathedral – Montgomery

@sdarnellart – StevenDarnell – Cathedral – Montgomery

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Cathedral is the first single from Montgomery Alabama rapper Steven Darnell ‘s latest project, The Rise Of Steelo Green , which was released on September 21, 2018 under New Perspective/Sleepless Management . Steven raps his most heart felt lyrics over angelic synths and crisp drums. You can visualize his journey as he paints a picture of childhood struggles that later lead him to be placed on his current path in the pursuit of his dreams. The video for Cathedral was filmed on location in Brooklyn,NY as Steven currently resides in New York City. Be on the look for more great things from this artist. He has the potential to change the landscape of the rap game along with a wave of rappers bringing raw and authentic lyricism back to Hiphop.

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