Premier – Lucas G – @LUC_ASG – Fetty Wap “ZOO” Remix – Chicago

Premier – Lucas G – @LUC_ASG – Fetty Wap “ZOO” Remix – Chicago

About this Song:

Lucas G & I first met last spring. He continues to send me remixes of tracks I’ve never got the chance to hear due to being so immersed in the DHHJ daily process. When I get these projects he’s been working on it’s like a teacher giving you homework, falling the assignment, & telling you to go back and take the placement test again because you didn’t cut it the first time. Well, I stopped going back to the tests, I now have gotten to discover Lucas’s producing on my own & it’s the way all artists should be discovered, the opposite of comparing. He seems to have this ability to alter the song into a chill state of mind while not going overboard enough “I assume,” to where the piece doesn’t sound like the original aka killed it by dropping tempos & messing with too many effects. No, no, no, Lucas has the chill god gift & continues to deliver. Meantime while I stay busy due to work not following the latest drops, peep below & discover.

“Up-and-Coming Chicago Producer Lucas G presents his electrifyingly soulful remix of Fetty Wap’s “Zoo”
Re-imagining the signature Fetty Wap sound with his own quintessential bluesy tones, this Lucas G remix will move your heart as much as it moves your feet. Set to drop September 8th, Lucas G’s “Zoo” remix is just the first of new sounds from the Chicago-based producer. Keep a lookout for more new music and collaborations dropping from Lucas G in the coming year.”

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