@nastyelgic – Nastyelgic – Killin’ Hip Hop – New Jersey

@nastyelgic – Nastyelgic – Killin’ Hip Hop – New Jersey

About this Song:

“It’s been a long time coming for New Jersey recording artist Nastyelgic. Fanning the flames after signing his self owned label Tilt Shift Records with indie marketing label Forbes Music Entertainment; he jumped straight into the game with his debut single “Killin’ Hip Hop,” a hip hop release about a young conscious rapper (Nastyelgic) trying to find his way into the doors of the hip hop industry. He soon finds that some people don’t think there is a place for conscious music any more in the hip hop music industry.

In the single Nastyelgic addresses the willingness of the music industry to sign artists they don’t like for capital gain, but passing on artists they do like for lack of a promise of social acceptance. “To the a&r that loved my track but ain’t signed me, you killin hip hop,” Nastyelgic raps on the hook to this could be classic. Listen close to catch those slick subliminals and aggressive alegations.”

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