@mindofseul – Mind Of Seul – Back In The Day – Video – Massachusetts

@mindofseul – Mind Of Seul – Back In The Day – Video – Massachusetts

About this Song:



I am an artist named Mind Of Seul from Machakos, Kenya currently residing in Amherst Massachusetts and there’s nothing i want to do more than be able to feed my mom from my hard work.

“Back In The Day” is a track produced by Plaguespreadr who is a young producer from Amherst Ma featuring LuieGo & Gods Wisdom.
The inspiration to make this song came when my 3rd grade teacher the same teacher who told me that i would amount to nothing dialed me up to see if i can help her out financially to be able to send her kids to school. Its crazy how things work out. Whom to thank is not my 3rd grade teacher but my big bro Sammy, whom no matter what, has never stopped motivating to never stop because of where we come from.
Its a beautiful thing to have a brother that you can look up to instead of just being able to only look at. .so this song is for him & everything he’s taught me.”

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