@ – Milli Merk – Amber Rose – Harlem NYC – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@ – Milli Merk – Amber Rose – Harlem NYC

@ – Milli Merk – Amber Rose – Harlem NYC

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Milli Merk turns all the way up on this Cash Money AP beat, he throws his vocals all the way across the room on this gritty strip club and Trap type of vibe. Queen Muva holds the theme of the record as Milli aka Young Montega pushes forth an energetic hook and two fire verses depicting his love for them “thick jawns”, Convertible drop tops (Bald-head coupes), and everything else that comes with the game. His hard delivery and cadence is consistent throughout the entire song, we’re looking forward for some more Milli to drop soon! Check it out!

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