@mari3times_ – Omari M. – Life (feat. TYL3R DAVIS) [Prod. Savaane] – [Video] – North Atlanta

@mari3times_ – Omari M. – Life (feat. TYL3R DAVIS) [Prod. Savaane] – [Video] – North Atlanta

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Omari M. has done it AGAIN. On this triple feature we have Omari killing both of his verses (something’s he has done on the regular now), TYL3R DAVIS comes in and blows the hook up and Chize makes his first rap debut as not only a cameo but steals the show with his third verse. Great hip hop all around. The kid definitely has something that most southern artists lack… originality.
“Burberry trippin’, YSL slippin’
Hermes shoes, when I walk I feel the difference.
It’s good writtens (riddens) when my pen get the flicking.
I could put you in my shoes and I could help you see the vision.
Benihana tippin’ , see my wallet think I’m crippin’.
All this f*cking swag dripping make ya bitch wanna come visit.”
– Omari M.

The lyrics definitely speak for themselves on this track.

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