@Lilalphatee – Lil_Alphatee – For the kill ft. Jay6 – St. Louis – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@Lilalphatee – Lil_Alphatee – For the kill ft. Jay6 – St. Louis

@Lilalphatee – Lil_Alphatee – For the kill ft. Jay6 – St. Louis

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This Song is the type to instantly switch up the vibe and showing fans i’m capable of giving of different vibes. When i heard the beat i instantly came up with the hook , Two weeks later me(Lil Alphatee) and Jay6 went to the studio. This was the first song we worked on , cause i knew it would be a hit and something different for the fans. I was originally going to put to verses on the song , but i could tell Jay6 was feeling the vibe of the song , so i eventually convinced him to go in the booth and lay down the second verse. it was almost like he was meant to be on the second verse , i remember telling him “BRO YOU GOTTA DO THE SECOND VERSE”. He recorded two verses before and then he recorded the 3rd verse. He went back and punched in words where he messed up , and took out. words he didn’t want. Last but not least Rich(My Engineer) put some effects on the vocals and mixed and mastered it perfectly , and that’s how this masterpiece was created.

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