@leonmayson – Leon Mayson – Blame It – Sweetlake city – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@leonmayson – Leon Mayson – Blame It – Sweetlake city

@leonmayson – Leon Mayson – Blame It – Sweetlake city

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Good afternoon,

On the 5th of July I’ll release my next single “Blame It”. It’s an R&B/Hip-hop style track that tells an interesting story, about the actions of a typical cheating man. It’s an overall feel good song combined of catchy lyrics, pleasant melodies and a great beat. Please consider this song for placement on your blog.

Press release:

Leon Mayson, 24, is a passionate recording artist & producer from the Netherlands. He was brought up in a musical family and fostered a love for music at an early age. Over the years he has been perfecting his craft, willing to make a name for himself in the international music industry. Leon’s goal is to inspire and to share his heart for music.

His new single “Blame It” is now available for streaming and purchase.

Release date: July 5th 2019

Download & streaming link for listeners: lnkfi.re/BlameIt

Social links:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Leon Mayson

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