@KaydoMusic – Kaydo – Only One – Video – Toronto – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@KaydoMusic – Kaydo – Only One – Video – Toronto

@KaydoMusic – Kaydo – Only One – Video – Toronto

About this Song:

“Khader Sbeitani (born 3 May 1997), better known by his stage name Kaydo, is a Palestinian artist, producer, and writer. Previous works of Kaydo include the “End of The Beginning” mixtape, “My Story” single, and many other original records. He was born in Amman, Jordan, and at the age of 7, he moved to Toronto, Ontario with his family.

Kaydo has plans to gain popularity through his music, to fulfill the purpose of giving voices to the oppressed youth in third-world countries across the world, and hopes to use his earnings to develop a movement that improves their quality of life.”

IG: KaydoOfficial
Twiter: KaydoMusic

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