@jung_lov – Jung Lov – Hollow – Santa Cruz – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@jung_lov – Jung Lov – Hollow – Santa Cruz

@jung_lov – Jung Lov – Hollow – Santa Cruz

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My name is Jung Lov (pronounced “young love”), a rapper out of Santa Cruz, CA. All of my music is heavily influenced by a background in heavy metal and jazz, including technical flows and polyrhythmic percussive elements. I’ve been recording music for the last three years, and rap music for just over a year, though I’ve been an instrumentalist and musical composer since the age of nine.
I’ve just released my fifth short mixtape, produced entirely by producer forget.me, also a Santa Cruz local. It features heavy and distorted 808s, interesting percussion work, and rapid and fluid flows that result in a thick and layered soundscape. Though each track sounds unique, all five blend together to create a cohesive project that carries a specific sound through each track.

I’m active on Instagram and Twitter regularly and that’s where updates on my music can be found most frequently.


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