@jung_lov – Jung Lov – AMYGDALA – [Video] – Santa Cruz – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@jung_lov – Jung Lov – AMYGDALA – [Video] – Santa Cruz

@jung_lov – Jung Lov – AMYGDALA – [Video] – Santa Cruz

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My name is Jung Lov (pronounced “young love”), a rapper out of Santa Cruz, CA currently residing in Tacoma, WA. This is my second music video, and the first recorded and produced entirely by filmmaker Nick Pollock. It was shot in Portland in the vicinity of the PSU campus. The track is off of an EP of the same name (AMYGDALA I.) which was released Halloween last year. This is the first of many visuals to come between myself and Pollock.


I’m active on Instagram and Twitter regularly and that’s where updates on my music can be found most frequently.


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