@JuJuTwist – Ju-Ju Twist – BraveHeart 2 LP – Washington

@JuJuTwist – Ju-Ju Twist – BraveHeart 2 LP – Washington

About this Song:

“Ju-Ju Twist’s ‘BraveHeart2’ LP dropped a couple days ago. The LP contains a total of 20 tracks featuring artists such as Neema, J-Key, Rob Skeetz and Mega EvErs to name just a few.

Bandcamp Link: https://jujutwist.bandcamp.com/album/braveheart2
SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/jujutwist/sets/braveheart2
Bitly Bandcamp Link: http://bit.ly/BraveHeart2
Bitly SoundCloud Link: http://bit.ly/JuJuTwistBraveHeart2”

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