@JuhhadLeone – Juhhad Leone – SevenFiftySeven.PM – Norfolk

@JuhhadLeone – Juhhad Leone – SevenFiftySeven.PM – Norfolk

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Coming off his last self titled EP in 2016, one of Virginia’s most exciting artist Juhhad Leone gives us his first full length project filled with his original point of views on love, poetic lyrics, mixed in with his constantly changing flow delivering that Virginia sound that Hip-Hop has been missing since the days of Missy and Pharrell! The project opens up with the queen Eartha Kitt herself basically describing all 12 tracks by saying, “I want someone to share me with me”! This may be his most colorful work to date, with a much more Vibrant and happier sound than he’s ever premiered. Filled with potential hits and songs that sound very personal due to self reflection, the project can also be seen as an emotional roller coaster! From all the happiness, to heartbreak, to finding yourself in solitude and acceptance. Capturing ears and keeping the hype after his singles “Asia’s Interlude”, “MIdnight Marauder”, and “I Get So Lonely” this project doesn’t fail to deliver and has the potential to be an underground classic! Easily a 5 out of 5 when it comes to vibes.

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