@itzchop – Chop Johnson – @SillyMe – Video – Maryland – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@itzchop – Chop Johnson – @SillyMe – Video – Maryland

@itzchop – Chop Johnson – @SillyMe – Video – Maryland

About this Song:

I go by the name of Chop Johnson. I reside in York, PA. Been here less than a week. Origanally from Baltimore MD. I am an Upcoming Independent recording artist. I started at a young age but my drive started non stop in January of 2015 through a separation and divorce, after which I leased a building for studio purposes and was able to only spend time song music. “The World Can Wait”. It wasn’t until then when I focused on who I was I completely gave my all into my drive. Since then I have released my first independent debut album titled “Love Pain Heartless” with 17 tracks available on all digital marketing sites. Since then I decided to work with other artist that had the talent but didn’t know the business. I partnered up with Wiley Merrill for Longevity Management & Artist Development. Since then we have signed 13 Local artist who are further in their music career professionally than they ever been. Four months after the branding of the management, I and the artist released a compilation album under the management titled #KeepGoing The Album with 20 tracks and 14 featured tracks from Chop Johnson. In the non stop process as the keep going concept is, I continue to keep going and released my 3rd project in nine months titled #Hashtag on 6/17/16. With over 73 videos online within the 17 months of the start of non stop lol, I will continue to Keep Going until my voice is heard. As of today 7/17 I am in the process of release of my second compilation album in 3 months called #StillGoing to be released 8/17 ALL ON DIGITAL ONLINE SALES!!!!!!!

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