@I_Am_Tooty – Tooty – First Degree Murder – Mixtape – Chicago

@I_Am_Tooty – Tooty – First Degree Murder – Mixtape – Chicago

About this Song:

“First Degree Murder is about Tooty. It’s a very honest project, about school, women, circumstances, loss, dreams, filled with soulful production samples from TLC, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Isley Brothers, Nancy Wilson. This project also includes features from Caleb James and XVRHLDY.”

Tooty’s First Degree Murder runs the bases from talking about cashing out from his talents, keeping it grounded, all while staying easy on the ears with his non-aggressive laid back flow. He’s not hip with gossip, music above all but god. Every artist strives to improve. Some tracks run through easier than others, but lines like “I don’t need a hook for this,” say Tooty is hear for the art and plans to learn, collaborate, grow, and has no patience for the stuck up chicks clogging the walls at your local club.

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