@HelixTroysWorld – Helix Troy – ‘Savory” – Chicago

@HelixTroysWorld – Helix Troy – ‘Savory” – Chicago

About this Song:

“This song touches on the power of positive thinking and perseverance and how it as affected my life. Confidence is key and this song was created to share the energy that has propelled me to happiness to others.

Helix Troy is an emcee from Chicago, IL that has hooked up with Kentucky born and Omaha based producer/emcee Nate-O. The pair met in Omaha, Ne, (where Helix Troy was voted Best Male Hip-Hop Artist 2013), after both playing basketball at The University of Nebraska Omaha and since have been close friends and artistic compadres. The track “Savory” was produced by Nate-O and written by Helix Troy. Helix Troy carefully selected the audio samples to accompany the uplifting message of “Savory” and the execution is flawless. Savor the Flavor.”

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