@dukehov – Duke – HEIST – Washington DC – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@dukehov – Duke – HEIST – Washington DC

@dukehov – Duke – HEIST – Washington DC

About this Song:

I am an independent artist name “Duke” From Washington DC. I producer music over social media, I have earn feature for a post on the web site that show artist work of their music. I have One Thousand plus features & radio play’s also blog’s for promotions, feature on different mix tapes whit other artist whit all type of music genres of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B & instrumentals “Social media web site”.
Haven played on international internet Radio stations, Great British, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Nigeria Africa, Africa, and South Africa. Czech Republic. I also use the different “Social media web site” to promote my music EAE Radio Campaign, Up And Coming Campaign, The Taylor X Experience,The Jopaul Experience, The “GRIND 365” Showcase, Spin Reports Registration. FM (Clear Channel Major Markets),College ,On Demand ,Sirius Satellite- Over 100 Channels, AOL Music, Yahoo Music,MTV,MTV2,Napster,VH1,Live365,Shoutcast, Europe (Italy, France, Germany, London, UK, Spain) It made me a to be a tip-top producer I have to make all my promotions excellent.

Artist Name: Duke

Music Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

your email address: [email protected]

Music Producer: Corey Miles Brown

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dukehov

Sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/dukehov

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