@dezius_thefirst – SillyKing Denny – Rotate – Nashville – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@dezius_thefirst – SillyKing Denny – Rotate – Nashville

@dezius_thefirst – SillyKing Denny – Rotate – Nashville

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Rotate is the first single of the year for Nashville based Rapper SillyKing Denny. The track features laid back vocal delivery over an upbeat minimal trap beat, the chorus floats over a bed of watery harmonies. The result is a fun, summery, chill vibes ballad to stonerdom. Denny, an up and comer who has experimented with a variety of sounds has been building traction on Soundcloud. The track was produced by Nashville artist/producer Sundaes.

Silly also has a quite a few songs on SoundCloud

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