@DemiseBlue – Demise Blue – $1.50 Freestyle – Washington

@DemiseBlue – Demise Blue – $1.50 Freestyle – Washington

About this Song:

“My name is Steven Davis. My message today is to introduce you to a true music enthusiast and new local hip hop talent. 24 year old, Seattle native, Demise Blue from the Manga Music collective brings passion and versatility to his listeners and now to you. On “$1.50 Freestyle” he delivers a theatrical performance with his variety and precision throughout the track. I’m bringing this information to you because I know you have an alluring perspective that entices your readers and exposes true rap culture. We appreciate all posts and support thank you for time. We encourage you to post it on online media outlets, share with friends, and most importantly enjoy the music. Any questions about the artist feel free to contact me via email. Have an awesome day!

Twitter: @DemiseBlue
Instagram: Demise_Blue”

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