@coreyfromthe – Corey From The Conscious – PROBLEMZ – Los Angeles

@coreyfromthe – Corey From The Conscious – PROBLEMZ – Los Angeles

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Problemz is a catchy, well rounded track describing the inner turmoil of a struggle in dealing with outside problems in the world as well as the personal problems. In one line the narrative becomes ever more evident when Corey states ” Quick to say that i don’t really have none/ Mask off that a lie if i had one/ I had to just to hide all the past ones/ now what do i do?. In the second verse, Corey seems to address himself in what seems to be a personality clash as the lines contradict beliefs and challenge previous statements. The second verse starts with a sudden outburst ” Oh shit Mr Corey now shit is getting personal/ how bout you just put out all the shit you say is hurting you” then the track ends with a mellow vibe to end out the internal struggle. Take a listen below and hear the confusion.

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