@CheriKiz – Cheri Kiz – No Tolerance – [Video] – Memphis – Daily Hip Hop Jamz

@CheriKiz – Cheri Kiz – No Tolerance – [Video] – Memphis

@CheriKiz – Cheri Kiz – No Tolerance – [Video] – Memphis

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Cheri Kiz is definitely about her cash. We urge you do not waste this ladies time. But you should definitely listen to her latest single No Tolerance which is streaming on all Major Music Platforms. Cheri Kiz is a female Hip Hop Artist from Memphis Tennessee, home of Three Six Mafia, Moneybagg YO, Yo Gotti and many more. But how many female Artists have you heard of representing today that can really represent for the culture? Cheri Kiz brings not only amazing talent but she has a flow, her own style, sound and brings promise to the Music Community of Memphis. If you have not heard of this artist you should be following on all Social Media and Music Networks.

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