@CdotWright1 – CdotWright x Chuck Diesel – Body Down – Video – Ohio

@CdotWright1 – CdotWright x Chuck Diesel – Body Down – Video – Ohio

About this Song:

Cdot, born Charles Wright has been writing and rapping since the age of ten. On a visit to his grandmas house with his cousins his older cousin, Shawn, made him battle rap his other cousin D’Shae. Running to go scribble down the words after so he wouldn’t forget. Cdot never would’ve guessed that “They call me lil C and you can touch me , cuz yes I’m on top, and you know i really rock'” would just be the beginning of what would become a hobby, pastime, and passion.

Through his music he want people to know reality is what you make it and dreams are obtainable if your chasing them. Things people do and say might not be as real as it gets so don’t let others and their negativity affect you. You just have to believe and in believing you create your own reality in which your dreams become reality ✌✈
We ignore feelings here AKAK MOB. #CreateReality #WolvesofChaos

Music is in the blood and my heart is the beat.

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