@beneathmusic – BOAS – BOAS – 1 In A 1,000,000 (Produced by DROPICE & AR) – [Video] – Buena Vista

@beneathmusic – BOAS – BOAS – 1 In A 1,000,000 (Produced by DROPICE & AR) – [Video] – Buena Vista

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“The rap game has seen better days. Songwriting is at an all-time low with meaningful lyrics nowhere to be found in most popular artist’s music. There are very few artists out there who have a fiery passion to make a difference in the lives of their listeners. “1 in a 1,000,000” is a song inspired by this epidemic and it was created with a mindset that there is still hope for motivated rappers to make a comeback. This song attacks artists who are simply in the game because they can be. Rap has been very passive in recent history and there are a lot of artists not keeping themselves in check. Real music is not meant to be listened to passively and this song is proof of that. Only one in a million people can relate to the artists who brag about their expensive lifestyles so why not make music that can be related to by millions instead.”

This song was released on October 14th and produced by DROPICE & AR.

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