@azure_DMV – Azure The Paradox – Look At Me – Upper Marlboro

@azure_DMV – Azure The Paradox – Look At Me – Upper Marlboro

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“Look At Me” is an energetic, trap influenced banger released December 28, 2017. The track was dropped as a SoundCloud freebie due to a leasing issue and also to make up for the delay in the release of the single “Upgrade 2”.
The track is produced by CXDY and Azure himself, and is reminiscent of his previous, trap-inspired mixtape “imMATURE”. Throughout the hook and verses, Azure makes the claim that everyone should look at him as he comes into his own successes and advances in his career. The hook’s borrows the infamous line used by Florida artist XXXTENTACION from the song of the same name as this to further strengthen the claims made.

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